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Bar Hopping In Jackson Heights/D&B/Dinner & Movie With Mom

This weekend was a lot of fun. AND, I got the MAD hookup on a hotel! Thank you once again, my dear, sweet Priceline.com... Only you could hook me up in a suite at the Essex House for the same price as the St. Marks! Ok, so enough praise...
Friday night, I went out to Queens and met up with Lucy at this jungle-themed bar called La Jungla. It was pretty cool, the bar was an aquarium, so you could look at the fish while you drink like one. We hung out there for a bit, then went to Terraza and drank and talked. No Latin metal unfortunately that night though, they were playing Reggae. We left there and were gunna go hit one of the ghetto bars, but then Lucy wanted to check out this bikini bar called Ilda's that she had never been to. So we go there and have more drinks, we ended up staying there until like 3am or so I think it was, then I walked Lucy home, stopped to grab a truck taco (drool, drool) on the way to the subway and went back to the hotel.
On Saturday, I met up with my Mom and we hung out and talked pretty much all day. Later on that night, I met up with Janell and we went to Dave and Buster's, stuffed our faces with waffle fries dipped in cheese and bacon, and mini-philly cheese rolls (which ranch, of course...) which was so good but I'm sure my arteries were pretty pissed off at me. We had some drinks and did a really cool cheesecake shot, then we played a bunch of games. I wish we would've had more time there, we got there so late that we only really had about a half hour to play games which kind of sucked, but we still had a lot of fun. The D&B in New York seems smaller than the one in Chicago from what I remember, but then again that was a few years ago.
On Sunday, I took my Mom to a movie, we saw "Over The Hedge" which was such a cute movie! It was an animated movie, and William Shatner was one of the characters and he totally did the exaggerated William Shatner thing, it was hilarious! Afterwards, we went to dinner at this restaurant near my Mom's place. I really need to start working out this week after stuffing my face this weekend, ugh.. Got back to DC around 2am and got a couple of hours sleep before work. So tired, but I had such a fun weekend. I really can't wait to move back to New York next year.
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