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Long Update...

Haven't had the urge to write in awhile. A lot of it is because a friend was talking shit about me and writing lies in her journal and I guess I was trying to keep things calm because she was having a lot of problems. Unfortunately, she was dealing with them by making shit up in her head and talking shit about me. Needless to say, we aren't friends anymore, which is sad because deep down she is a great girl, but I guess there's nothing you can do when someone you thought was your friend accuses you of things and when you point out the facts and prove to them they are lying and making shit up, they all of a sudden don't want to talk about it anymore and retreat to their fantasy world. It's too bad some people just can't deal with the truth, and I'm done with trying to help friends who take the fact that I put up with a lot and try to be understanding in an attempt to help them as a pass to use me as a doormat. /endrant


Things have been pretty good lately, except for a few things such as our drummer moved up to New York, which could be a good thing in the long run because I'm moving up there in January and the rest of the guys are thinking about doing so as well, which could be awesome. It's sad though for right now because we all clicked together so well and its hard to picture us together with a drummer besides Shots. But for now, were moving on and searching for another drummer, and see what happens.

Janell came to visit me last month, we had such a fun time, but although she was here for three days, it seemed way too short and went by too fast. I cooked a nice dinner for her the first night and we pretty much lounged around all day. The next day, we watched WarGames, which she had never seen before surprisingly and loved, then I taught her some chords on guitar and we played a bit. Went to see some of the sites later on in the afternoon, saw the White House, Washington Monument, Vietnam and Korea Memorials, Lincoln Memorial, then went out for drinks later on that night and finished the night up with a couple of Jumbo Slices! On her last day here, we got up early, relaxed around the house for a bit and then went to Chinatown, stopped for lunch at Capitol Q's, went to the Spy Museum which was really cool, saw the Capitol Building, and went to the Air & Space Museum which was awesome! We flew this flight simulator that two people get in and you fly it and the simulator spins around, you can do loops and go upside-down and everything, it was so much fun although I'm not sure Janell will ever fly with me again, hehe... She was supposed to catch her bus, but decided to take a later bus, and we went back to my place and swam in the pool for awhile, then I tried to make a rushed dinner because she had to catch her bus, but everything went wrong with it! I picked up two small steaks from the place downstairs and now I know where not to buy steak from. It was horrible, even with marinade! I made green beans in a sour cream sauce with french fried onions, but didnt realize until the first bite that the onions had been in my cabinet for quite awhile and were quite stail. The only thing that came out perfect was my twice baked potatoes....until I dropped them on the oven door while trying to pull them out and had to salvage what didnt come pouring out of the potato. Ah well. We ate, and then she decided again to take a later bus so we could spend more time together, she ended up leaving at 3am to go back to New York. It was so great having her down here, I can't wait until she comes down again.

The other weekend, I met up with Wheeler, Jared, Cahill, Kathy and some other people at the bar, we got pretty tanked up and Wheeler and Jared kept talking about how they were going tubing the following morning and told me I was coming with them, haha! After we left the bar, we got a pizza and went back to Wheeler's place, Jared was passed out, so Wheeler and I ate the whole pie ourselves, watched The Anchorman which was pretty funny, then crashed out around 4 or 5 in the morning. Woke up around 7:30, got ready and went to the store where we bought two cases of beer, caught a cab to the bar in Dupont where we met up with everyone else that was going, had a few drinks at the bar, hopped on the party bus around 9am and headed to West Virginia. We had SO much fun! We all partied on the bus and got up there a couple of hours later, we all got our tubes and started floating down the river tossing beers back and forth to each other, heh.. Jared was so drunk that he lost his tube and his life preserver and commenced what could only be described as "body white-water rafting" which I'm sure hurt as much as it looked like it did, haha. It took us about four hours to get to the end of the river, then we hung out for a bit and waited for everyone else, got back on the bus and went back to DC.
Took a shower when I got home, then Wheeler and Debz were supposed to meet me downstairs at the same time, so I told them about each other because they never met before. When I went downstairs to meet them, they weren't there, so I called them and they told me they were at the gay bar across the street, haha! So met them there and they slammed their beers and we went to Asylum for Shots' going away party. Had an awesome time, hung out there until around 1am or so I guess it was, then went home and FINALLY got some sleep!

In "Best News Of The Month", it seems that I am FINALLY getting my paycheck from that company that I was waiting to get paid from when I went to New York two years ago, but they went bankrupt and I got stranded in Virginia. Perfect timing!! So I'm really pumped about that, things are looking great.

And now, I will march my happy ass downstairs and enjoy a tuna salad sandwich from my new favorite place right next door! :)
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