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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
3:06 am
New Year In Vegas
I've never been to Vegas before, but I'm definately going again soon! It's like Disney World for adults! Wheeler picked me up around 6am Sunday morning and we went to his parents place to drop off his car, then his Mom took us up to the airport. Checked in and got some breakfast, Wheeler ate a big ass burrito for breakfast, which was probably not his smartest move ever, heh.. Just glad I wasn't sitting next to him on the flight out! We took off around 9am and got to Vegas around 11am local time. Met up with Cahill, who's flight got in about 10 minutes after ours did. Took a cab to the MGM and checked in, then proceded to walk around the MGM which was completely awesome, had lunch at Emeril's where I had an incredible steak and lobster mashed potatoes. (Hey, it's Vegas, I had to go all out, haha!) We had a few drinks there, then went and picked up the tickets to see Van Halen that night. Cahill went to go gamble and Wheeler and I walked around some more and as we were walking past this one club, I saw a sign that said KRSONE was going to be performing that night! So I went and got us on the guest list and then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to see if one of Wheeler's friends was working up there. He wasn't there, so we walked around a bit and I decided to throw $5 in a slot machine and promptly won $175! We left the Hard Rock and went back to the MGM, hit up a few of the bars and had some drinks, ended up at this one place where they served Jello shots where I was reminded of my dislike for them, heh.. Went to New York, New York and walked around for awhile, hung out at a bar where they had dueling pianos which was a lot of fun. Because of the time change and all we had done all day, it felt like it was pretty late at night, but when we looked at the time, it was only like 6pm! Met up with Cahill for a bit, then around 8pm, we went to the MGM Arena and Stephen Marley came on. Was a great show! Afterwards, we went and got some more beers, then went back to our seats and Van Halen came on. I really wasn't expecting too much, but it was a phenomenal show!! Roth's voice was on point and they played all of my favorite songs, most of which were from the first album which they played every song off of except for one. After the show, Wheeler and I went to Tabu and waited in line for the KRSONE show, but they were barely letting anyone in, so we ended up having to bribe the guy at the door to let us in, heh.. There werent many people there cause of that, so it was a pretty intimate show, he came on and did all his old shit which was amazing, did some newer shit, freestyled for awhile, we were all like 2 feet away from him and he was telling everyone to get their cameras out, so I got some great video of him freestyling up close which was awesome. Amazing show! Afterwards, he invited MCs from the crowd to come up and spit which a few did, then announced the Rock Steady Crew and everyone came out on the floor and they had a competition which was amazing. We hung out there for another hour or two, then took off and hit up another bar, had a few more drinks, met up with Cahill who was balls deep in blackjack, heh.. I took off and hit up one of the slot machines and won $100! By this point it was around 5am, and I was exhausted, so went back to the hotel room and crashed out.
Woke up around 11am, took showers, then Steve showed up, he flew in from Utah that morning, got in around noon, and him, Wheeler and I went down to the Excalibur and ate at the buffet. After stuffing our faces, we hung out at the Lexor for a bit, then walked down to the Bellagio, walked around there for a bit, then went to Caesar's Palace and hung out at one of the lounges there and had some drinks. Left there, went to Bally's and played some slots, Steve won $125, Wheeler won $300, and I won $175! Went back to the MGM, where we got changed, and I donned my velvet olive button-down, my cheetah-print pimp hat, and my dozen gold dollar sign laden beads. (I have no clue. I think I was drunk by this time?) We went and had some drinks at one of the bars, then Cahill showed up. After awhile, we went and played some more slots, I played a game of roulette, then joined Cahill for some blackjack which was fun. We spent awhile drinking and watching Cahill play craps and blackjack. Went down to the Rio because one of their friends was supposed to be opening up his bar that night, but something happened and he couldn't open, so we went to leave there but the cab line was way too long, so we started walking toward the parking lot to see if there were any cabs on the other side of the street when a Hummer rolled up and the back window rolled down and the guy inside offered us a ride to the Palms, haha! So we went to the Palms, the guy had the driver drop us off, and we hung out at Nine and had drinks. We stayed there until the stroke of midnight, Steve and I met a group of people and talked to them for awhile, they were buying us shots and giving us some of their wine which was cool. Steve and I were deciding what to do next when these two girls came up to us and one of them told me she liked my outfit and we all started talking. Turns out they were from DC, although one of them lived in Vegas now. We talked about bars in DC and I mentioned I hung out at the 4th Estate a lot, and it turns out they know Brent and Jen! Then I asked if they knew Wheeler and Cahill and the one girl started telling me how she always used to throw Cahill out of the bar she worked at, etc. So I went over to the table that Wheeler was at on the other side of the place and grabbed him and when he walked up, they freaked out and hugged each other, then Cahill showed up and everyone was laughing at what a small world it is. I mean, what are the chances?? We all hung out there for a while longer, then we took off wandering around the Palms, and ended up losing Steve someplace along the way, turns out he ended up somehow at a party in someones room there or something, then about an hour later realized we werent there with him, haha! Wheeler, Cahill and I decided to go back to the MGM, but again, the line for the cabs was too long, so we walked across the street and some woman and a guy asked us if we needed a ride, so Cahill said hed throw them some cash if they took us to the MGM, so we all piled in their backseat and they dropped us off at the MGM, heh.. Had some more drinks there, then walked around for awhile, played some slots and lost Wheeler and Cahill, so I went over to New York, New York, walked around for a bit, then had a tuna salad sandwich at a diner there. Went back to the room and crashed out, it was probably close to 6am or so, which sucked cause we had to get up in a few hours for our flight home.
Woke up around 10ish, took showers, said bye to Steve, whos flight was a few hours after ours, then went to the airport and flew home. Got back around 8pm local time, went home, got my stuff ready for work the next day and CRASHED OUT. What an amazing time. Definately going back this year, Vegas is awesome!

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Friday, October 19th, 2007
4:23 pm
Emeril Live! (Episode 917)
Yesterday was such an awesome day! Took the morning train up to NY and met Ann at the station, then we hauled ass down to Chelsea Market to meet up with Puck who had VIP tickets to Emeril Live courtesy of Laura! My train was delayed for 20 mins, so we were running a little late, met up with Puck outside and then ran through Cheslea Market like we were running from the cops to get to the studio which Ann's shoes didn't quite agree with, haha.. Got there just in time and hung out in the waiting area until they brought us onto the set. After being seated in the general audience section while they worked out the seating, they brought the three of us to one of the tables right up in front of the counter while everything was being set up. They had free cookbooks for us on the table which include the recipes for everything they were going to make on the show. After explaining to the audience about what was going to happen during the show and all, the show finally started, and the band and Emeril came out. There was a guest on the show, Chef Jasper White, who runs a group of seafood restaurants in New England, and after watching a video about his Summer Shack restaurants, they went to commercial break. When they started filming again, Emeril introduced the other chef and he came out and they made Bloody Marys, then during the next commercial break, they gave us glasses of wine, which rocked. Puck got the red and Ann and I got the white (which I said afterwards I should have gotten the red cause they gave you more, haha!) and the wine was the best white wine I've ever tasted, awesome stuff! When they came back they made clams and oysters with garlic butter and lemon butter and during the next break they gave us sample plates of, and I mean I'm not that big of a clam person, but this was REALLY good shit. (Obviously, DUH, it's friggen Emeril, heh...) During the rest of the show, they made fish and chips, as well as pan fried fish with a red sauce. I was drooling the whole time, it smelled so good in there! After the show, Emeril talked to the audience for a bit and then we went upstairs to get Laura (who hooked us up with some awesome Food Network shwag! Thanks again!!) then we hit up the bar and had dinner and drinks. Dregan and Melissa came after a bit and as always, Dregan was quite entertaining to say the least, heh.. We all had a really great time and afterwards, Laura, Puck and I went back to Brooklyn where Puck and I had a few drinks at the bar near him, then hung out on his roof until all-hours.
Had such a great time, (thanks again Laura and Puck!) and it should be interesting to watch the episode when it airs, although I'm not sure when that's going to be, maybe months from now, who knows. Until then, I'm totally going to be cooking the shit outta some seafood, thanks to the awesome cookbook they gave us!

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
5:03 am
It's been awhile since I've posted here, so instead of writing about things that have happened since my last post, I'll just post this deal I saw on bitchybunny's lj and start keeping up with my journal from now on. :)

SO, heres the gig:

Step 1. Put your playlist on random.

Step 2. Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.

Step 3. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly. NO GOOGLING.

And onto the random playlist:

How many can you guess?Collapse )

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Thursday, September 21st, 2006
3:31 pm
Wonderful Weekend
Ok, first off, this is awesome:


Now that that's out of the way... Had a wonderful weekend! Went up to New York on Saturday night and met up with Janell, we went out for Chinese food which was so good but really filling. Had a bunch of leftovers which we gave to a homeless guy down the block, walked around for awhile, then went back to the hotel and hung out for awhile, we were talking and listening to music, she recently has become quite the Justin Timberlake fan which I find amusing (she says, "I listen to Slayer, Pantera, fuckin...Metallica...andjustintimberlake." hahaha) and I was cracking gay jokes and jokes about dropping a safe on your nuts and stuff which she didn't find too amusing, heh..
The next day, I dropped her off at work, then went and had a slice of pizza and met up with my Mom. We hung out all day, talked, went up to Worldwide Plaza and sat at one of the tables and shared a Coke. It's funny, my Mom and I never run out of stuff to talk about, heh, she's awesome. We sat around and talked all day and then around 8pm I went back to my hotel and took a shower, and checked online to see what there was to do that night. I checked the Blue Note website and saw that one of my favorite jazz bands, The Bad Plus, was playing that night at 10:30!!! I've been wanting to see them live for like 5 years or something now! So after Janell got off work, she came over and we went down to the Blue Note, waited in line for about 45 minutes, and went inside. Got an awesome table right near the band, had some drinks, and then we ordered dinner. Went all out with the Filet Mignons which were incredible! The Bad Plus were AWESOME! They even did their abstract jazz cover of Rush's "Tom Sawyer", heh.. They didn't do any of their other covers like Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or Blondie's "Heart Of Glass" though and some other original stuff, but the set was great and I loved the songs they played off their new album which I hadn't heard yet. After their set, Janell and I got a couple more drinks and then the second band, Jason Moran and The Bandwagon played. At first I wasn't too into them, but they grew on me.. A mix of blues and jazz, they were pretty decent. The drummer was incredible! After the show ended, we went around the corner to a diner and had coffee and ice cream, then went back to the hotel and crashed out.
On Monday morning, we went to a diner and had a huge breakfast, then said goodbye and she went to work and I jumped on the bus back home. I can't wait to move back to New York...
When I got home, I found that I had received Sarah Katherine's book in the mail finally!!! Here's the link, by the way, buy it now, kthx.


Anyway, I had to finish reading the book I was currently on before I started hers, I was reading "Signal To Noise" by Eric S. Nylund, which by the way for all you geeks out there is an awesome book. I finished the book and last night I sat down to read Sarah Katherine's book and I just could not put it down. It's one of those books that just sucks you in and you just HAVE TO keep reading. Not a page of it is even remotely boring, at times I even laughed out loud. It's one of those books that's written in such a way that you actually feel like you're there. One of those books where you're not even actually aware of reading after awhile, and it's almost as if all your external senses have been blocked off and you're watching a movie in your head that your brain is automatically reading through your eyes and immersing you in the movie without you realizing it. Then, all of a sudden you become aware that you're thirsty or need a smoke and when you pull your eyes away from the book, reality seems wierd and you look at the clock and it's 3 hours later. Kind of like the movie The Neverending Story! Anyway, I read the entire book in one sitting and next thing I knew it was 8:30am and I was shocked because I knew it was late, but I thought maybe 5am or so... I hadn't even noticed the light peering through the blinds. So I crashed out, woke up a few hours later and had a couple of phone interviews which went great, so hopefully I'll have a new job by next week! :)

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Monday, September 11th, 2006
5:53 pm
Party Weekend
This weekend was a lot of fun, didn't have any plans for Friday night but then my Cousin invited me to a party, so I jumped on the metro and met him and his girl up in Maryland. Went to this party at Kristen's place which was awesome, she lives right above a bar, haha! We played spoons and power quarters and watched some other people play ass quarters which was pretty amusing.. Hung out on the roof drinking beers and talking the last half of the night, then we went back to Jen's place and crashed out. Woke up the next morning to Brian yelling "French Toast" and so we decided to make breakfast, which actually consisted of everything BUT french toast, heh.. Cooked up some bacon, turkey sausage (which neither Brian or I had ever tried and I can say for sure I will never eat again, thank you), I made three of my omelet rolls (onion, ketchup and mayo, maple) and i think we had toast too. While Brian was cooking the bacon, I looked over at a bottle of Jack Daniels on the counter and said, "Hey, you should put some of that in there". He looked at it, then at me, shrugged, and proceeded to dump some Jack into the frying pan with the bacon. The result? The BEST morning-after-party breakfast item EVER! JD Bacon!! It was really awesome, heh.. So we ate, then Brian gave me a ride home a little later.
On Saturday night, Debz came over for "Natty Light Night" and we talked and played Pass-Out until I have no idea what time in the morning. Kathy was supposed to come over and join us after work, but she ended up going out to the bar instead. At the end of the night, Debz got the most Pink Elephant cards this time, so she won, then we passed out, heh.
Yesterday, I cooked up an awesome Rib-eye with onion-garlic-red wine sauce, bacon-sour cream mashed potato stuffed crossaints, and dill corn. So tasty! :)

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Friday, September 8th, 2006
12:41 pm
Long Update...
Haven't had the urge to write in awhile. A lot of it is because a friend was talking shit about me and writing lies in her journal and I guess I was trying to keep things calm because she was having a lot of problems. Unfortunately, she was dealing with them by making shit up in her head and talking shit about me. Needless to say, we aren't friends anymore, which is sad because deep down she is a great girl, but I guess there's nothing you can do when someone you thought was your friend accuses you of things and when you point out the facts and prove to them they are lying and making shit up, they all of a sudden don't want to talk about it anymore and retreat to their fantasy world. It's too bad some people just can't deal with the truth, and I'm done with trying to help friends who take the fact that I put up with a lot and try to be understanding in an attempt to help them as a pass to use me as a doormat. /endrant


Things have been pretty good lately, except for a few things such as our drummer moved up to New York, which could be a good thing in the long run because I'm moving up there in January and the rest of the guys are thinking about doing so as well, which could be awesome. It's sad though for right now because we all clicked together so well and its hard to picture us together with a drummer besides Shots. But for now, were moving on and searching for another drummer, and see what happens.

Janell came to visit me last month, we had such a fun time, but although she was here for three days, it seemed way too short and went by too fast. I cooked a nice dinner for her the first night and we pretty much lounged around all day. The next day, we watched WarGames, which she had never seen before surprisingly and loved, then I taught her some chords on guitar and we played a bit. Went to see some of the sites later on in the afternoon, saw the White House, Washington Monument, Vietnam and Korea Memorials, Lincoln Memorial, then went out for drinks later on that night and finished the night up with a couple of Jumbo Slices! On her last day here, we got up early, relaxed around the house for a bit and then went to Chinatown, stopped for lunch at Capitol Q's, went to the Spy Museum which was really cool, saw the Capitol Building, and went to the Air & Space Museum which was awesome! We flew this flight simulator that two people get in and you fly it and the simulator spins around, you can do loops and go upside-down and everything, it was so much fun although I'm not sure Janell will ever fly with me again, hehe... She was supposed to catch her bus, but decided to take a later bus, and we went back to my place and swam in the pool for awhile, then I tried to make a rushed dinner because she had to catch her bus, but everything went wrong with it! I picked up two small steaks from the place downstairs and now I know where not to buy steak from. It was horrible, even with marinade! I made green beans in a sour cream sauce with french fried onions, but didnt realize until the first bite that the onions had been in my cabinet for quite awhile and were quite stail. The only thing that came out perfect was my twice baked potatoes....until I dropped them on the oven door while trying to pull them out and had to salvage what didnt come pouring out of the potato. Ah well. We ate, and then she decided again to take a later bus so we could spend more time together, she ended up leaving at 3am to go back to New York. It was so great having her down here, I can't wait until she comes down again.

The other weekend, I met up with Wheeler, Jared, Cahill, Kathy and some other people at the bar, we got pretty tanked up and Wheeler and Jared kept talking about how they were going tubing the following morning and told me I was coming with them, haha! After we left the bar, we got a pizza and went back to Wheeler's place, Jared was passed out, so Wheeler and I ate the whole pie ourselves, watched The Anchorman which was pretty funny, then crashed out around 4 or 5 in the morning. Woke up around 7:30, got ready and went to the store where we bought two cases of beer, caught a cab to the bar in Dupont where we met up with everyone else that was going, had a few drinks at the bar, hopped on the party bus around 9am and headed to West Virginia. We had SO much fun! We all partied on the bus and got up there a couple of hours later, we all got our tubes and started floating down the river tossing beers back and forth to each other, heh.. Jared was so drunk that he lost his tube and his life preserver and commenced what could only be described as "body white-water rafting" which I'm sure hurt as much as it looked like it did, haha. It took us about four hours to get to the end of the river, then we hung out for a bit and waited for everyone else, got back on the bus and went back to DC.
Took a shower when I got home, then Wheeler and Debz were supposed to meet me downstairs at the same time, so I told them about each other because they never met before. When I went downstairs to meet them, they weren't there, so I called them and they told me they were at the gay bar across the street, haha! So met them there and they slammed their beers and we went to Asylum for Shots' going away party. Had an awesome time, hung out there until around 1am or so I guess it was, then went home and FINALLY got some sleep!

In "Best News Of The Month", it seems that I am FINALLY getting my paycheck from that company that I was waiting to get paid from when I went to New York two years ago, but they went bankrupt and I got stranded in Virginia. Perfect timing!! So I'm really pumped about that, things are looking great.

And now, I will march my happy ass downstairs and enjoy a tuna salad sandwich from my new favorite place right next door! :)

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
12:38 am
Friday Night! Woohoo.
Tooken from bitchybunny:

63 Questions.Collapse )

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Thursday, June 8th, 2006
7:26 pm
Go Kart Racing/Band Rehersal
Woke up yesterday morning and went to work, it was a half day though because we went on a company outing... GO KART RACING! :)
It was awesome. Got to the place around 2pm and it wasn't one of those cheap kiddie deals, it was this big indoor track with karts that did like 30-40mph! We drank a bunch of Red Bulls, got our team assignments, put on the racing suits, gloves and helmets and did a 120 lap endurance race. My teammate was Chad, the company DBA. We raced around and pulled into the pit every 15 laps to switch drivers. The track was concrete and a little slick so you could slam on the gas around turns and skid around, and you really hauled ass, too. All those years of playing Super Mario Kart really paid off yesterday. Chad and I came in 2nd place and we got a cool little trophy, haha.. After the race, we all went to Eric's house and had some beers, then I went back to DC, got my stuff and went to band practice. It was funny because I was already a little buzzed and when I showed up, Mike raised up his bag and said, "I brought goodies!", which turned out to be a 12 pack, haha, like I really needed to drink anymore... So we practiced for about 3 hours, it was great, we practiced 2 new songs in addition to the 4 that we did last time, plus we busted out a few old Metallica and Pantera songs out of the blue every once in awhile. It was so much fun.

I didn't even have to use my AK. Yesterday was a good day.

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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
10:50 pm
Rob's Birthday/Jared's Graduation
Last night was Rob's birthday and Mike called me up after work to meet up with them at some bar on L St. So I got home and hung out for a bit, then got ready and met them up at the bar around 10 or so, they had already been there for a couple of hours and were wasted by then which was hilarious, Mike was all drunk singing 38 Special and doing the funny dance while Rob was doing gymnastics on two of the bar chairs and eventually got stuck doing a split on the chairs and we had to help him get down, heh.. Had a few drinks, then their friend Bobby and his girl came by, they were mad cool. Everyone wanted to go to the club, but I had to stop off at home and get changed first, so we left the bar, Mike and I went back to my place, I got changed real quick and then we went down to the club to meet up with everyone. We hung out and had drinks on the patio for awhile, then danced a bit, then did some birthday shots with Rob and hung out at the bar for awhile. Later on, we left there, and went to this lounge in a nearby hotel that was filled with mostly older people and playing lots of soul and r&b. We had some more drinks and danced and before long everyone I came with except for Denise had disappeared, so we hung out until the place closed and then she drove me home.
Woke up the next morning with a mild hangover, talked with Mike for a bit to figure out what time we were going to leave for Maryland to go to Jared's graduation party. Then, I realized that I had started a tab last night at the hotel lounge and totally forgot to get my card back! I got ready and he picked me up around 2pm, we were going to swing by that place to grab my card but we figured it might not be open yet and we should do it on the way back. Got up to Jared's party, his whole family and some friends were there, Aunt Val made a rediculous amount of food which we just could not stop eating, and they had a keg. Hung out and played some ping pong, followed by a long ass game of beer pong, then they busted out these Cuban cigars which we all smoked and took stupid pictures of ourselves. Later on, we started playing flip cup for what seemed like (and probably was) hours. It was hilarious, because our team consisted of Jared, Jeff and I, and we kept winning over and over again, and we were being all beligerant about it, talking about the dynasty and what not, and then, because Jared was eating a piece of the pork roast and was saying it was the pork, the other team lost again and they all walked right over to the food and piled up plates of pork roast and sausage, came back and won a game. So it became the whole "its the food!" thing and every time a team lost them or us would run over and grab a hunk of pork or something, haha! So after the other team losing for awhile and us being all dramatic about our wins, they switched out a player and got "The Armenian" (who they called that because he was, uh.. Armenian..heh) and he was being all cocky but then after they got him, they started winning a whole bunch in a row and then rubbing it in our faces and getting all beligerant. So then we started blaming our losses on the fact that the spillage from their side was leaking down to our side and building up, making it harder for us to flip the cups (which it was), so we got a bunch of napkins and after wiping our side of the table, we squeezed the damp napkins together to form a blockade in the middle of the table so that their spillage wouldn't come over to our side. The whole thing was so dramatic and funny, like the WWF of flip cup or something, I swear we could have made a tv show out of it. Anyway, with the whole spillage thing and us putting more and more napkins formed like a barrier across the middle, and all of the exaggerated dramatic seriousness of the game, our team ended up being "Team FEMA" and they were "Team Katrina", and we started winning more and totally being dramatic and beligerant about it every time we won, funniest shit ever, heh. We ended up hanging out until about 4am or so, then crashed out, woke up around 9am and drove back to DC. I felt like hell, it seemed more because of how much I had eaten rather than how much I drank, ugh.. Drove by the lounge to try and get my card back, but they weren't open for another couple of hours so I'll have to try and get out there tomorrow. Got home and slept most of the day, still feel very blah, but I had such a fun weekend though.

AND the best news of the weekend:

We finally got a bass player! :)

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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
2:24 pm
Dana The Artist/Memorial Day Weekend
On Friday, Dana's Mom had emailed me pictures of drawings that Dana had done several months before she died because she wants me to have some or all of them. She was such a talented artist. I remember when we lived together, sometimes she would get in the mood and spend hours in her own little world, sketching in her pad, stopping only every once in awhile to look over to me, show me the pad and ask, "What do you think of this?". She was such a great artist, but was always so critical of herself. She mostly drew women and clothes, and she loved Bettie Page. I still remember her drawing a picture of Bettie Page from a book she had on her, and she spent so much time on it, every little detail she tried to make perfect. She was always about the details. I remember one night, we both had been drinking 40's all night and I knocked on her door with my bag of paints. She was sketching something out and I asked her if she wanted to come with me to throw some pieces up on this clean wall near the tracks. She said sure because after watching Style Wars she was interested in trying so we stopped off at Walmart first, I snagged the paints and she was in charge of getting caps. She was so funny, she must have taken the cap off of every can in this one aisle, and then she found me in the other aisle, came up to me all secretly, looking around in case anyone was looking and showed me the handful of assorted caps. i giggled and told her they were all fem, so we couldn't use them. So she grinned and was like, "Dammit, Adam! You know...DETAILS...like this would have been helpful PRIOR to me desecrating every friggen can of starch on the shelf!", then dropped the handful of caps right in the middle of the aisle and walked away giggling and fake mad. We did a few pieces near the tracks later on that night, although she kept trying to rework and detail her piece so much, she stopped after awhile and said she was done and it sucked ass and grafitti sucks ass and I suck ass and the guy behind the counter at the gas station sucks ass, etc.. We laughed for awhile and she said she was going to stick to paper. I thought she did an excellent job for her first time with spray paint, but she didn't agree. She always told me she would love to be a fashion designer, and one time we even spent a better part of a day making plans to move up to New York, where I would get a programming job at some stiff corporation making assloads of money to support us during the day, and at night I'd play gigs with my death metal band, and she would go to FIT and become a famous designer. Big dreams for two lovers who spent their days digging around the room for change so they could split a 99 cent chicken sandwich from Checkers, spent their evenings working at the same dull, minimum-wage data entry job, and their early mornings coming home, adjusting the aluminum foil and coat hanger antenna attached to the small tv on the chair, and laying in bed watching the same dating shows and making fun of the people on them, as well as all the commercials in between, until we fell asleep in each other's arms. Now I just dream of being back there...
Friday night, Mike came over and we had a few beers and went over some of the songs were doing, then went out to the bar and got looted. One of his friends came by to hang out for a bit, his friend's kidneys aren't working correctly and he needs to get a transplant within the next few years or else he'll die. Such a sad story. His friend seemed very upbeat though and positive about the whole ordeal. He had a couple of cokes while Mike and I got hammered, we all talked for awhile, his friend left, we had a few more drinks then I went home.
Saturday, I went up to New York and I was supposed to hang out on the island with Jackie, but last minute she cancelled so I called up some friends, noone was really around so I was going to just go down to the village or uptown and grab some drinks, but then my partner in crime called me unexpectedly and we ended up hanging out and having a few drinks and playing quarters. We hung out the next night as well, went to some bar around Hell's Kitchen and had a few drinks, then watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and laughed like idiots. Even though I was in a blah mood, I still had a wonderful time.
On Sunday, I took my Mom down to Coney Island where we got some hot dogs, went for a walk on the boardwalk, played some skee ball and then hit the shooting gallery for a bit. We walked around for awhile, got ice cream cones (mmm...soft-serve pistachio....) and then took the train back. We had a really good time.
Last night, I took the train back to DC, and got home to find out that my bathroom was flooded, guess theres a leak in the faucet that turns the toilet water on. The water had spread outside of the bathroom and gotten underneath the wood floor, which is now warped and buckled in the area between the bathroom and my bedroom. So I spent most of the night cleaning and drying the floor, and then put a bucket underneath the pipe for now.

Sometimes, I just don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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Saturday, May 27th, 2006
8:47 pm
Train thoughts...
So here I am on a train to NYC. Was going to see my stepsister out on the island, but plans changed, so now I have to figure out what to do with my Memorial Day weekend, heh...
Everytime I go up to NYC, I always pack mad shit to do on the train. Books to read, notebook to draw in, sometimes my laptop to write some code or surf the net... But I always end up doing nothing but staring out the window and thinking.

I think that I think too much.

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
3:42 pm
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Monday, May 22nd, 2006
11:22 am
Bar Hopping In Jackson Heights/D&B/Dinner & Movie With Mom
This weekend was a lot of fun. AND, I got the MAD hookup on a hotel! Thank you once again, my dear, sweet Priceline.com... Only you could hook me up in a suite at the Essex House for the same price as the St. Marks! Ok, so enough praise...
Friday night, I went out to Queens and met up with Lucy at this jungle-themed bar called La Jungla. It was pretty cool, the bar was an aquarium, so you could look at the fish while you drink like one. We hung out there for a bit, then went to Terraza and drank and talked. No Latin metal unfortunately that night though, they were playing Reggae. We left there and were gunna go hit one of the ghetto bars, but then Lucy wanted to check out this bikini bar called Ilda's that she had never been to. So we go there and have more drinks, we ended up staying there until like 3am or so I think it was, then I walked Lucy home, stopped to grab a truck taco (drool, drool) on the way to the subway and went back to the hotel.
On Saturday, I met up with my Mom and we hung out and talked pretty much all day. Later on that night, I met up with Janell and we went to Dave and Buster's, stuffed our faces with waffle fries dipped in cheese and bacon, and mini-philly cheese rolls (which ranch, of course...) which was so good but I'm sure my arteries were pretty pissed off at me. We had some drinks and did a really cool cheesecake shot, then we played a bunch of games. I wish we would've had more time there, we got there so late that we only really had about a half hour to play games which kind of sucked, but we still had a lot of fun. The D&B in New York seems smaller than the one in Chicago from what I remember, but then again that was a few years ago.
On Sunday, I took my Mom to a movie, we saw "Over The Hedge" which was such a cute movie! It was an animated movie, and William Shatner was one of the characters and he totally did the exaggerated William Shatner thing, it was hilarious! Afterwards, we went to dinner at this restaurant near my Mom's place. I really need to start working out this week after stuffing my face this weekend, ugh.. Got back to DC around 2am and got a couple of hours sleep before work. So tired, but I had such a fun weekend. I really can't wait to move back to New York next year.

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Thursday, May 18th, 2006
11:00 am
First Band Rehersal
So last night was our first band rehersal. We ripped through five songs off of Reign In Blood, as well as busting out some impromptu Metallica off of Kill Em All. Good shit! Now all we need is a bass player.
Afterwards, we went to the bar and had some drinks. My head hurts so bad right now.

I realized at the bar last night that I will NEVER understand women. I already knew that, but for some reason every time I think about it, I feel surprised as if it was something new that I just found out.

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Monday, April 24th, 2006
12:23 pm
Drummer/Stuffed/Lucy's Birthday Weekend
So we have a drummer! I met up with Mike last week for some drinks and we talked about the band and stuff, we both can't wait to get this started! This week sometime all of us are going to get together and figure out what's up with the 2nd guitarist and bassist slots. Everyone we got so far seems to be really into this and it shouldn't be long before we're playing. Can't wait!
On Thursday, I took the train down to meet up with John and Cara. We went out to TGIF for dinner and drinks and I hadn't eaten all day, so I stuffed my face, which I totally regretted afterwards. On the trainride home, I felt like I had eaten a safe. Ugh. Food was sooo good though!
Friday, I took the bus up to New York, got up there around 10, met up with Jared, who I haven't seen since high school. We grabbed some pizza, then had some beers at the Irish Pub. It was really good to see him again!
I was going to see my Mom for a bit on Saturday, but she had just got a root canal and wasn't feeling up to company, so I told her I'd see her Sunday. The weather sucked all day Saturday, it was all cold, rainy and windy. I walked around for a couple of hours to find Lucy's birthday present, I ended up getting her the Slayer box set. Ate some chicken fingers in my room and hung out for awhile, got showered and stuff and went down to Sin-E to see Slaywhore. Met up with Lucy, Pat and Greg, and after a bit, Evelyn showed up. It was really good to see them again. We had drinks and made fun of the Emo kids, then finally Slaywhore took the stage. It was Lucy's last gig with the band and it was a fun show, except for the Emo crowd who looked like a bunch of deer in headlights. Evelyn and I made our way to the front once the show started, then after a bit, her and I attempted to start a pit but after about a minute, we realized we were still the only two people moshing and everybody was looking at us like we had dicks growing out of our foreheads, so we just spent the rest of the show hanging out and talking shit. She's mad cool, had me cracking up, heh.. After the show, saw Tibbie and said hi, then we hung outside for awhile, said bye to Pat and Greg, and then Lucy, Evelyn and I left and grabbed a cab. Dropped Evelyn off at the train station, Lucy and I went to a deli near the hotel to grab some food and drinks, then got soaked walking back to the room in the rain. Got to the room and threw on dry clothes, and Lucy got locked in the bathroom, she couldn't open the door cause the knob was sticking, so she was in there cursing for about two minutes and I was laughing my ass off which was getting her even more mad, haha... I finally opened the door for her and we bust out the food. After we ate, I gave Lucy her birthday present which she really liked, then Janell called and came over, and we all hung out. I wrote a rediculous on-the-spot birthday rap for Lucy, and we laughed about "Asspipe". Janell was tired and fell asleep after awhile, Lucy and I hung out and talked, listened to music, played guitar for a bit, and eventually fell asleep.
Lucy woke up around 7am as usual and took off, I noticed she forgot her guitar, so I called her right away and she came back up to grab it, we said bye and I went back to bed. Janell and I slept in, then she had to go to work, so we grabbed a cab, dropped her off at her job, then went to see my Mom. Hung out with my Mom for awhile, we had lunch and I felt bad because I was eating a tuna salad wrap and she could only have soup because she just got a root canal, so she was drooling over my wrap, so I told her I would come next weekend and bring her a huge jumbo sized tuna wrap, hehe..
Went to Port Authority, and my bus was delayed about a half hour, finally got on and headed back home. The bus driver was funny, he had a heavy accent and spoke broken English and kept cracking jokes over the mic. At one point, we ran into traffic and he got on the mic and apologized, saying we might be more late because of all the traffic, then asked if anybody on the bus was from Jamaica, and if so, could someone maybe try using Voodoo to clear up the traffic, heh. The funny thing was, about a minute after he said that, the traffic cleared right up and we were moving again, haha! Finished reading Vurt, awesome book, although the ending wasn't quite what I expected.
Got home around 1:30 or so and crashed out. Supposed to be meeting up with the band this week, I can't wait!

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Friday, April 14th, 2006
12:34 pm
Cooking Club/Keith Finally Out Of Florida
On Tuesday night, I was supposed to meet with the cooking club, but Claire cancelled because only a couple of people said they could make it. So instead, I met up with her, Whitney, and Cliff at F&H and we had some drinks and hungout. Whitney and Cliff had to take off, and Claire and I ended up going to another place where we had way too many beers, danced for awhile, and closed down the bar. On the way walking her home, we passed by this video store which was closed, but porno was blasting through the speakers and echoing all down Columbia Avenue, it was hilarious! Grabbed a cab back home, didn't get to sleep until about 5am and felt like complete and total hell the next day. It was a really fun night though.
The next night, Keith and Rocco came up, we brought some of Keith's stuff upstairs then met up with Eddy and Erin at Coyote Ugly. Had a really good time, closed the bar (once again...ugh!), went home, hung out for a bit and then crashed out. The next morning, Keith drove me to work, then him and Rocco put the rest of Keith's stuff in storage and drove up to New York. Keith is happy as hell to finally be out of Florida, but he's kind of worried because he has to start from scratch up here. He's going to be back down here in a few days, stay with me for a bit while he finds a job and gets settled. He'll be fine. I just keep reminding him about my move up here and it seems to make him feel a little better, the point being that everything works out fine in the end. And everything happens for a reason.
I fell asleep shortly after getting home last night and slept straight through until morning besides waking up in the middle of the night and my heart fluttering for about an hour. Got a total of like 13 hours sleep. Jeeyuh.

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Monday, March 20th, 2006
1:51 am
St. Patrick's Day Weekend
This weekend was AMAZING to say the least.

I got up to New York on Thursday night to see the Slaywhore show and went to check into the room I got at the uber-low-rate-last-minute website, and they informed me that they were out of regular rooms and asked me if it would be ok if they upgraded me to a suite, no extra charge. Did they have to ask?? So, after scraping my jaw off the floor when I walked into this suite with jacuzzi + sauna + TV IN THE BATHROOM MIRRORS (WTF?!), I called Lucy and told her I was on my way down to CBGB. Went down there and met up with Lucy, had a few drinks, then Lucy asked me to help her set up, so I plugged her up and she started teasing the audience with some riffs before they played. The show was a lot of fun, and at the very end, after they played Raining Blood, the drummer threw her sticks into the crowd and one of them was a direct shot that pegged me right in the forehead, haha! SLLLAAYYEERRRR!!!! After they got off stage, we hung out for a bit and I got to meet a few of Lucy's friends, including the amazingly beautiful girl she kept making out with to the delightment of the guys standing around. We hung out outside for a bit, then Lucy, Janell, Tim, Greg and I got some beers and went back to the suite and straight up partied like rock stars! Had an awesome time. Tim and Greg are mad cool, they were cracking me up the whole night. We were doing all kinds of stupid shit, playing "Mystery Science Theater" with the girls as the subjects, then Tim and I bumrushed Lucy and Janell with an impromptu song that I don't remember anything about other than Tim's lyrics were hilarious and Lucy's guitar was so out of tune I was cringing at every chord I played, me and the guys went on a food run and when we got back pulled the old rush-in-the-door-WHOOPS-IM-SORRY gag to hopefully catch the girls in a compromising position with no such luck. Later on, Janell had to leave and the guys had to go home as well, so we all said bye and then Lucy turned on the TV as I was starting to fall asleep and there was some crazy cartoon that came on, something about "God only likes white people" and we were like what the hell?? I straight up passed out and Lucy woke me up a few times cause I was laying on my back and snoring like a maniac (or so she says hehe) so I kept rolling over and laying on her and snoring in her face which she payed me back for by waking up at 8am and blasting the TV, talking loud on the phone and asking me questions. When I finally realized there was no way I was going back to sleep, I got up, we laughed about how the place looked like a morning after rock band hotel party picture, we hung out for a bit, then she went home. I soaked in the jacuzzi for a bit, almost burned my nuts off with the sauna, took a shower, and headed out. I had to switch hotels, unfortunately, to get the cheapo-last-minute deal. The new hotel was really pretty cool, no upgrade this time unfortunately though, heh... I checked in and got a power-nap in for about a half hour.
I woke up to my phone ringing and it was my friend Michelle, who I've known since I was about 12, but haven't seen in about 9 years and we just got back in touch. It was so good to talk to her after all these years, I was glad to hear she's doing well, married and has 2 kids now, the oldest of which is 10, which is unbelievable because I still picture us as the 12 and 13 year olds who would sneak out in the middle of the night and meet up with our crew and get stupid, haha! We talked for awhile, then I went to go meet up with my Mom.
I went to the St. Patrick's Day parade with my Mom, we had a really good time, then we stopped at a diner, I had to get my corned beef/cabbage/potato on, it was SO good..... Took her home later on, then met up with Richard and Laura and we went down to Flannery's to celebrate. Had a really good time there, there was a band there and the Guinness was-a-flowin', haha! Charles met up with us, and later on, Ethan met us there. We were pretty toasty by then and were trying to figure out our next move, Richard and Laura went home, Charles went to another bar to meet up with friends, and Ethan and I went to some Irish bar in Hell's Kitchen where we had more Guinness and Mini-Guinness shots. We left there and headed down towards The Village, he met up with some friends and I went to CBGB to see The Nihalistics/Michale Graves/The Undead show. The Nihalistics were awesome, all-girl mosh pit plus the last song they did, some girl who was like 12 jumped up on stage and sang, haha she kicked ass! By that time, I realized I was completely wasted, so I did the logical thing and got another beer. After the break, Michale went on and did an acoustic set because his band was out of state, and it was amazing, he's got such a great voice. After he played, we caught up and talked for a bit, he asked about Brandie and I was trying to get her info for him because they're old friends but I was too wasted to do anything complicated with my phone by then and he had to help bring gear out. After that break, The Undead came on and kicked ass, although it gets kind of fuzzy around then. I only remember like half of the set and getting a wonderful St. Patrick's Day phone call.


So, I woke up Saturday morning with the WORST hangover ever, although Friday night I had such an unbelievably great time that it didn't really bother me too much. I finally crawled out of bed, took a shower, and went over to my Mom's. We hung out all day, had a late lunch at the diner, then I went up to the Y, checked in, and took a power nap. After I woke up, I headed up to the Ding Dong, had a few drinks, did my old regimine of cheeseburger/onion garlic potato chips/gatorade at the Famous Deli, which unfortunately now isn't the Famous Deli anymore, it's Joe's Gourmet Deli... Went back to my room and crashed out.
Sunday morning, I woke up and went to my Mom's, we hung out for awhile, got to talk to my Grandmother on the phone which was great because it's been awhile since we talked, and my Mom and I got some kick ass Mexican food. Lunch really put a smile on my face, but unfortunately, I had to catch a train back to DC later on that night.

Such a great weekend! :)

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
7:36 pm
Dana's Funeral
I went down to Florida last Wednesday and went to Dana's wake. A lot of people showed up, her family of course, and her friends, including friends she hadn't seen in a while who we used to work with. We all talked about how wonderful she was and looked at a photo album filled with pictures of her just taken a couple of weeks earlier. Afterwards, we all went out to eat and had a few drinks, then I went back to my hotel and tried to sleep, unsuccessfully...
On Thursday, I got to the funeral home and her Base Commander and Chief were there, along with the Navy Chaplin. We talked for a bit and they told me they had a beautiful memorial service for Dana at the base in Oklahoma and gave me a copy of the itinerary and speeches at the service. After everyone arrived, the Chaplin brought the family into a room for a prayer, which they included me in. We prayed, left the room and sat with everyone else and the Chaplin gave a wonderful sermon, followed by a few words from her Uncle Johnny. Afterwards, we all walked up to the casket and said our goodbyes, then waited outside. Dan and Stephanie came, it was really great to see them again. Also, Dana's Mom's ex-boyfriend Dan came, it was good to see him again, he's such a great guy and Dana always loved him. I was one of the pallbearers, and as we brought Dana out to the Hearse, her Base Commander and Chief saluted her. I rode up to the cemetary in the limo with her family to the National Cemetary, and then we all gathered under the gazebo and the Sailors brought her casket with the American flag draped over it to the center. Then, the Chaplain said a prayer.

When I was in the Army, I was put on funeral detail for about four months. I was one of the riflemen in the twenty-one gun salute. I can't remember a funeral where any of us didn't shed a tear even though we did not know any of the people. They were still our Brothers and Sisters. It is done with unimaginable respect, and in knowing that from my experience, I can't explain how much it meant to me.

They fired the twenty-one gun salute, and then Taps was played. They folded the flag into a perfect triangle, inspected it for perfection, placed the three bullets inside, and then the Commander presented it to Dana's Mother and saluted her. The sailors then brought Dana to her final resting place, a beautiful field lined with the graves of hundereds of other Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. We watched as she was lowered into the ground, then our flowers were placed in the ground with her.

Afterwards, we went to a nice Italian restaurant, we ate, talked and drank, then I went back to Dana's Mother's house with the family. We hung out for awhile, talked over root beer floats and chocolate sodas that Dana's Mom and Aunt made... It was wonderful to be with her family and I wish they knew how much it meant to me to be treated as one of the family.

That night, after we all left, I met up with Jonathan at TGIF and we had a few drinks. We talked about Dana and laughed and remembered... After he left, I had a few more drinks, then went back to my hotel and tried to sleep... Again, unsuccessfully...

On Friday, I stopped to see Amy on my way to visit my Dad and Karen, we had lunch at Applebee's and talked for awhile. She had some bad news of her own which I wish I could have expressed how sad I was for her but I was already just so numb from everything. We had a good time though, we hung out, went back to her place and talked, saw Miah for a bit which was really cool.

I got down to Fort Myers that night and met up with my Dad at the VFW, we talked over drinks for awhile, then I went downtown and met up with Devon and Matt, had drinks and shots, we went back to Devon's friends' place and stayed up until about 5am, needless to say I felt like shit the next morning... Went back to my Dad's place and gave him and Karen their Christmas presents, then later on that night I went out to dinner with Jami. It was so good to see her again, after dinner we met up with Devon, Matt and Travis at Mona Lisa's, then went to Rondao's and played some trivia. Jami and I went down to the beach and talked until 6am, then I went back to my Dad's and slept for a bit. Seeing everyone made me feel a little better, I love my friends so much. The next day, I woke up and met up with my Dad at the VFW and hung out for a bit, then Karen came and I said bye to them and went back to Tampa.

I picked Jonathan up and we went to Dana's Mom's house and hung out with her, Dana's Grandmother, Brittany, Matt and Rachel. We talked until almost midnight, then I dropped Jonathan off and went back to my hotel.

So now I'm back in DC to my "normal routine", but I'm not sure I know how to do that anymore. I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out...

I loved her so much.

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Friday, January 6th, 2006
1:25 pm
Rest In Peace, Dana...
Last Wednesday, I talked to Dana and she had made it back to base fine, although she had caught a bad cold so she went to medical and they gave her some Motrin and a couple of days off. She sounded really good though and we talked and laughed for a couple of hours and she said she was so happy to be back in Oklahoma as crazy as that sounds but glad to be back on base and was ready to start her school.

The next day, her Mom called me and said she couldn't get in touch with Dana and nobody knew where she was. I tried calling her and texting her but no response. Later that night, one of Dana's Chiefs called her Mom to tell her that sometime during the day, Dana had opened her door and called for help because something was wrong. An ambulance took her to the hospital, and on Friday, the Chief called Dana's Mom and told her the Doctor said it was very serious and that she should fly up there. They said Dana's kidneys and liver were failing and that she was on her way to ICU. Her Mom called me when she got there that night and said Dana didn't look good at all but they had her on dialysis which was helping her out. I tried to find a flight down there on Saturday, was at the airport until about 7pm but it was impossible to find a flight because it was New Year's Eve, but I got a flight on Sunday and got into Oklahoma City around 7pm.
Her Uncle, her Uncle's friend and her Brother picked me up and we went to the hospital. Dana didn't look too good, she had the ventilator down her throat and a bunch of other tubes and wires hooked up to her, but they said she was a lot less bloated since they put her on the dialysis which was good. They said her liver looked a little better which was good as well, although they were concerned because she had not woken up from the sedatives they gave her to hook her up to the dialysis machine. They had given her a shot earlier that day which was supposed to wake her up but that didn't work either. So they gave her two more shots and still nothing.

On Monday, we sat with her and talked to her and held her hands and tried to get her to wake up. Her eyes would open slightly and blink every once in awhile but they told us that was just reflexes. Her dialysis wasn't working fast enough and kept getting kinks in the line they said, so they wanted to put ports in her neck and hook the tubes to her neck arteries which they said would clean out her blood much faster. So they did that and gave her a cat scan as well. We came back in after all that was done and the dialysis tubes were hooked up to her neck. The doctor said the cat scan came up ok on her brain but that they found an abnormality in her lungs and that her pancreas was inflamed. They said it was some kind of infection but they weren't sure what it was and that an infectious diseases specialist would be there in the morning to try and figure things out.

The next morning, she was looking a little better, the nurse said the neck ports were just what she needed. They still weren't sure why she wasn't waking up though so they did an EEG and another catscan and were going to have a neurologist look at it the next morning. We sat with her all day and there was no change, she was still just laying there with her eyes half open, blinking every once in a while.

On Wednesday morning, the infectious diseases specialist came in and talked with her Mom and said he was going to try and figure out what caused this whole thing. Around noon, the neurologist came in and told us that her second cat scan didn't look good and that her EEG looked good as far as her brain stem activity but there were sections of her brain that barely registered anything which he said at best meant severe brain damage.

They took her off dialysis early that afternoon and stopped a lot of her medications. Her Mom, Grandmother and I sat with her while her blood pressure slowly dropped. I held Dana's hand and looked into her eyes, hoping for some kind of miracle each time the blood pressure monitor gave a new reading. We sat there with her for about seven hours. It eventually got so low it couldn't register on the monitor, just big, purple question marks. Her heart kept going though, she had such a big heart. The monitor showed her heart jumping around a bit and the nurse came in and told us her heart was starting to give up now and that it wouldn't be too much longer. Her heart slowed down, then finally stopped. The nurse came in and put a stethoscope to Dana's chest and said, "I'm sorry, she's gone."

Her Mom cried over her head and told her how much she loved her, then rushed out of the room followed by Dana's Grandmother. I stood there crying, let go of Dana's hand, kissed her on the forehead and told her I loved her, then walked out.

Rest in peace, my love.

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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005
10:44 pm
Merry Christmas!
Christmas was really great this year! I went up to New York on Friday night, went out to the island and hung out with Jackie, did our usual drink wine and blab until the sun comes up, then on Saturday, we went Christmas shopping (well, I did anyway, heh) and then took the train into the city and met up with my Mom, my cousin Mike and Claudine at a really cool bar around Hell's Kitchen. We hung out for a couple of hours, it was really good to see Mike and Claudine again. My Mom and I went back to her place and hung out and talked for awhile, then I left to go to Charles' birthday party. I had quickly google mapped it and glanced at the location cause I always get confused with those pesky named streets in the West Village. Turns out the map had it wrong, which Charles told me about later on, I ended up walking around for a little over an hour without a jacket until finally I got in touch with Charles and found the place! It was an awesome party and I think everyone achieved their goal of the night which was getting Charles wasted, haha!
On Christmas morning, I went over to my Mom's place and gave her presents, and she gave me mine which were a box of chocolates, a calendar with Van Gogh paintings on it, one of those organizer book things with the calendar and address book and all that, and erasable pens to write in it with. Kick ass!
We hung out for awhile, then she had to go to her friend's place and I had to go out to Jackie's place. Bridget picked me up from the train station and we went to Jackie's place where she had spent all day slaving over a hot stove to come up with a HUGE dinner for like 30 people, even though only about 10 or so were coming, heh.. Krissy and the girls were there which was great, their Aunt Carol and her family. We had a great time, had dinner and then played this really cool game that Jackie got Bridget. After everyone else left, it was just Jackie, Bridget, and me and we drank the rest of the beer and wine, heh.. Jackie ended up cranking the radio up and then that song Gloria started playing so she was dancing and singing using the wine bottle as a microphone! Hilarious!! We all crashed out awhile later, got up the next morning and took the train back into the city and had lunch with my Mom at the Tick-Tock Diner, then we were going to see a movie but it was too late, so we hung out at her place for awhile and then I caught my bus back to DC.

Had such a great time but I am SO glad to be home.

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