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Merry Christmas!

Christmas was really great this year! I went up to New York on Friday night, went out to the island and hung out with Jackie, did our usual drink wine and blab until the sun comes up, then on Saturday, we went Christmas shopping (well, I did anyway, heh) and then took the train into the city and met up with my Mom, my cousin Mike and Claudine at a really cool bar around Hell's Kitchen. We hung out for a couple of hours, it was really good to see Mike and Claudine again. My Mom and I went back to her place and hung out and talked for awhile, then I left to go to Charles' birthday party. I had quickly google mapped it and glanced at the location cause I always get confused with those pesky named streets in the West Village. Turns out the map had it wrong, which Charles told me about later on, I ended up walking around for a little over an hour without a jacket until finally I got in touch with Charles and found the place! It was an awesome party and I think everyone achieved their goal of the night which was getting Charles wasted, haha!
On Christmas morning, I went over to my Mom's place and gave her presents, and she gave me mine which were a box of chocolates, a calendar with Van Gogh paintings on it, one of those organizer book things with the calendar and address book and all that, and erasable pens to write in it with. Kick ass!
We hung out for awhile, then she had to go to her friend's place and I had to go out to Jackie's place. Bridget picked me up from the train station and we went to Jackie's place where she had spent all day slaving over a hot stove to come up with a HUGE dinner for like 30 people, even though only about 10 or so were coming, heh.. Krissy and the girls were there which was great, their Aunt Carol and her family. We had a great time, had dinner and then played this really cool game that Jackie got Bridget. After everyone else left, it was just Jackie, Bridget, and me and we drank the rest of the beer and wine, heh.. Jackie ended up cranking the radio up and then that song Gloria started playing so she was dancing and singing using the wine bottle as a microphone! Hilarious!! We all crashed out awhile later, got up the next morning and took the train back into the city and had lunch with my Mom at the Tick-Tock Diner, then we were going to see a movie but it was too late, so we hung out at her place for awhile and then I caught my bus back to DC.

Had such a great time but I am SO glad to be home.
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