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St. Patrick's Day Weekend

This weekend was AMAZING to say the least.

I got up to New York on Thursday night to see the Slaywhore show and went to check into the room I got at the uber-low-rate-last-minute website, and they informed me that they were out of regular rooms and asked me if it would be ok if they upgraded me to a suite, no extra charge. Did they have to ask?? So, after scraping my jaw off the floor when I walked into this suite with jacuzzi + sauna + TV IN THE BATHROOM MIRRORS (WTF?!), I called Lucy and told her I was on my way down to CBGB. Went down there and met up with Lucy, had a few drinks, then Lucy asked me to help her set up, so I plugged her up and she started teasing the audience with some riffs before they played. The show was a lot of fun, and at the very end, after they played Raining Blood, the drummer threw her sticks into the crowd and one of them was a direct shot that pegged me right in the forehead, haha! SLLLAAYYEERRRR!!!! After they got off stage, we hung out for a bit and I got to meet a few of Lucy's friends, including the amazingly beautiful girl she kept making out with to the delightment of the guys standing around. We hung out outside for a bit, then Lucy, Janell, Tim, Greg and I got some beers and went back to the suite and straight up partied like rock stars! Had an awesome time. Tim and Greg are mad cool, they were cracking me up the whole night. We were doing all kinds of stupid shit, playing "Mystery Science Theater" with the girls as the subjects, then Tim and I bumrushed Lucy and Janell with an impromptu song that I don't remember anything about other than Tim's lyrics were hilarious and Lucy's guitar was so out of tune I was cringing at every chord I played, me and the guys went on a food run and when we got back pulled the old rush-in-the-door-WHOOPS-IM-SORRY gag to hopefully catch the girls in a compromising position with no such luck. Later on, Janell had to leave and the guys had to go home as well, so we all said bye and then Lucy turned on the TV as I was starting to fall asleep and there was some crazy cartoon that came on, something about "God only likes white people" and we were like what the hell?? I straight up passed out and Lucy woke me up a few times cause I was laying on my back and snoring like a maniac (or so she says hehe) so I kept rolling over and laying on her and snoring in her face which she payed me back for by waking up at 8am and blasting the TV, talking loud on the phone and asking me questions. When I finally realized there was no way I was going back to sleep, I got up, we laughed about how the place looked like a morning after rock band hotel party picture, we hung out for a bit, then she went home. I soaked in the jacuzzi for a bit, almost burned my nuts off with the sauna, took a shower, and headed out. I had to switch hotels, unfortunately, to get the cheapo-last-minute deal. The new hotel was really pretty cool, no upgrade this time unfortunately though, heh... I checked in and got a power-nap in for about a half hour.
I woke up to my phone ringing and it was my friend Michelle, who I've known since I was about 12, but haven't seen in about 9 years and we just got back in touch. It was so good to talk to her after all these years, I was glad to hear she's doing well, married and has 2 kids now, the oldest of which is 10, which is unbelievable because I still picture us as the 12 and 13 year olds who would sneak out in the middle of the night and meet up with our crew and get stupid, haha! We talked for awhile, then I went to go meet up with my Mom.
I went to the St. Patrick's Day parade with my Mom, we had a really good time, then we stopped at a diner, I had to get my corned beef/cabbage/potato on, it was SO good..... Took her home later on, then met up with Richard and Laura and we went down to Flannery's to celebrate. Had a really good time there, there was a band there and the Guinness was-a-flowin', haha! Charles met up with us, and later on, Ethan met us there. We were pretty toasty by then and were trying to figure out our next move, Richard and Laura went home, Charles went to another bar to meet up with friends, and Ethan and I went to some Irish bar in Hell's Kitchen where we had more Guinness and Mini-Guinness shots. We left there and headed down towards The Village, he met up with some friends and I went to CBGB to see The Nihalistics/Michale Graves/The Undead show. The Nihalistics were awesome, all-girl mosh pit plus the last song they did, some girl who was like 12 jumped up on stage and sang, haha she kicked ass! By that time, I realized I was completely wasted, so I did the logical thing and got another beer. After the break, Michale went on and did an acoustic set because his band was out of state, and it was amazing, he's got such a great voice. After he played, we caught up and talked for a bit, he asked about Brandie and I was trying to get her info for him because they're old friends but I was too wasted to do anything complicated with my phone by then and he had to help bring gear out. After that break, The Undead came on and kicked ass, although it gets kind of fuzzy around then. I only remember like half of the set and getting a wonderful St. Patrick's Day phone call.


So, I woke up Saturday morning with the WORST hangover ever, although Friday night I had such an unbelievably great time that it didn't really bother me too much. I finally crawled out of bed, took a shower, and went over to my Mom's. We hung out all day, had a late lunch at the diner, then I went up to the Y, checked in, and took a power nap. After I woke up, I headed up to the Ding Dong, had a few drinks, did my old regimine of cheeseburger/onion garlic potato chips/gatorade at the Famous Deli, which unfortunately now isn't the Famous Deli anymore, it's Joe's Gourmet Deli... Went back to my room and crashed out.
Sunday morning, I woke up and went to my Mom's, we hung out for awhile, got to talk to my Grandmother on the phone which was great because it's been awhile since we talked, and my Mom and I got some kick ass Mexican food. Lunch really put a smile on my face, but unfortunately, I had to catch a train back to DC later on that night.

Such a great weekend! :)
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