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Cooking Club/Keith Finally Out Of Florida

On Tuesday night, I was supposed to meet with the cooking club, but Claire cancelled because only a couple of people said they could make it. So instead, I met up with her, Whitney, and Cliff at F&H and we had some drinks and hungout. Whitney and Cliff had to take off, and Claire and I ended up going to another place where we had way too many beers, danced for awhile, and closed down the bar. On the way walking her home, we passed by this video store which was closed, but porno was blasting through the speakers and echoing all down Columbia Avenue, it was hilarious! Grabbed a cab back home, didn't get to sleep until about 5am and felt like complete and total hell the next day. It was a really fun night though.
The next night, Keith and Rocco came up, we brought some of Keith's stuff upstairs then met up with Eddy and Erin at Coyote Ugly. Had a really good time, closed the bar (once again...ugh!), went home, hung out for a bit and then crashed out. The next morning, Keith drove me to work, then him and Rocco put the rest of Keith's stuff in storage and drove up to New York. Keith is happy as hell to finally be out of Florida, but he's kind of worried because he has to start from scratch up here. He's going to be back down here in a few days, stay with me for a bit while he finds a job and gets settled. He'll be fine. I just keep reminding him about my move up here and it seems to make him feel a little better, the point being that everything works out fine in the end. And everything happens for a reason.
I fell asleep shortly after getting home last night and slept straight through until morning besides waking up in the middle of the night and my heart fluttering for about an hour. Got a total of like 13 hours sleep. Jeeyuh.
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