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Drummer/Stuffed/Lucy's Birthday Weekend

So we have a drummer! I met up with Mike last week for some drinks and we talked about the band and stuff, we both can't wait to get this started! This week sometime all of us are going to get together and figure out what's up with the 2nd guitarist and bassist slots. Everyone we got so far seems to be really into this and it shouldn't be long before we're playing. Can't wait!
On Thursday, I took the train down to meet up with John and Cara. We went out to TGIF for dinner and drinks and I hadn't eaten all day, so I stuffed my face, which I totally regretted afterwards. On the trainride home, I felt like I had eaten a safe. Ugh. Food was sooo good though!
Friday, I took the bus up to New York, got up there around 10, met up with Jared, who I haven't seen since high school. We grabbed some pizza, then had some beers at the Irish Pub. It was really good to see him again!
I was going to see my Mom for a bit on Saturday, but she had just got a root canal and wasn't feeling up to company, so I told her I'd see her Sunday. The weather sucked all day Saturday, it was all cold, rainy and windy. I walked around for a couple of hours to find Lucy's birthday present, I ended up getting her the Slayer box set. Ate some chicken fingers in my room and hung out for awhile, got showered and stuff and went down to Sin-E to see Slaywhore. Met up with Lucy, Pat and Greg, and after a bit, Evelyn showed up. It was really good to see them again. We had drinks and made fun of the Emo kids, then finally Slaywhore took the stage. It was Lucy's last gig with the band and it was a fun show, except for the Emo crowd who looked like a bunch of deer in headlights. Evelyn and I made our way to the front once the show started, then after a bit, her and I attempted to start a pit but after about a minute, we realized we were still the only two people moshing and everybody was looking at us like we had dicks growing out of our foreheads, so we just spent the rest of the show hanging out and talking shit. She's mad cool, had me cracking up, heh.. After the show, saw Tibbie and said hi, then we hung outside for awhile, said bye to Pat and Greg, and then Lucy, Evelyn and I left and grabbed a cab. Dropped Evelyn off at the train station, Lucy and I went to a deli near the hotel to grab some food and drinks, then got soaked walking back to the room in the rain. Got to the room and threw on dry clothes, and Lucy got locked in the bathroom, she couldn't open the door cause the knob was sticking, so she was in there cursing for about two minutes and I was laughing my ass off which was getting her even more mad, haha... I finally opened the door for her and we bust out the food. After we ate, I gave Lucy her birthday present which she really liked, then Janell called and came over, and we all hung out. I wrote a rediculous on-the-spot birthday rap for Lucy, and we laughed about "Asspipe". Janell was tired and fell asleep after awhile, Lucy and I hung out and talked, listened to music, played guitar for a bit, and eventually fell asleep.
Lucy woke up around 7am as usual and took off, I noticed she forgot her guitar, so I called her right away and she came back up to grab it, we said bye and I went back to bed. Janell and I slept in, then she had to go to work, so we grabbed a cab, dropped her off at her job, then went to see my Mom. Hung out with my Mom for awhile, we had lunch and I felt bad because I was eating a tuna salad wrap and she could only have soup because she just got a root canal, so she was drooling over my wrap, so I told her I would come next weekend and bring her a huge jumbo sized tuna wrap, hehe..
Went to Port Authority, and my bus was delayed about a half hour, finally got on and headed back home. The bus driver was funny, he had a heavy accent and spoke broken English and kept cracking jokes over the mic. At one point, we ran into traffic and he got on the mic and apologized, saying we might be more late because of all the traffic, then asked if anybody on the bus was from Jamaica, and if so, could someone maybe try using Voodoo to clear up the traffic, heh. The funny thing was, about a minute after he said that, the traffic cleared right up and we were moving again, haha! Finished reading Vurt, awesome book, although the ending wasn't quite what I expected.
Got home around 1:30 or so and crashed out. Supposed to be meeting up with the band this week, I can't wait!
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