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Rob's Birthday/Jared's Graduation

Last night was Rob's birthday and Mike called me up after work to meet up with them at some bar on L St. So I got home and hung out for a bit, then got ready and met them up at the bar around 10 or so, they had already been there for a couple of hours and were wasted by then which was hilarious, Mike was all drunk singing 38 Special and doing the funny dance while Rob was doing gymnastics on two of the bar chairs and eventually got stuck doing a split on the chairs and we had to help him get down, heh.. Had a few drinks, then their friend Bobby and his girl came by, they were mad cool. Everyone wanted to go to the club, but I had to stop off at home and get changed first, so we left the bar, Mike and I went back to my place, I got changed real quick and then we went down to the club to meet up with everyone. We hung out and had drinks on the patio for awhile, then danced a bit, then did some birthday shots with Rob and hung out at the bar for awhile. Later on, we left there, and went to this lounge in a nearby hotel that was filled with mostly older people and playing lots of soul and r&b. We had some more drinks and danced and before long everyone I came with except for Denise had disappeared, so we hung out until the place closed and then she drove me home.
Woke up the next morning with a mild hangover, talked with Mike for a bit to figure out what time we were going to leave for Maryland to go to Jared's graduation party. Then, I realized that I had started a tab last night at the hotel lounge and totally forgot to get my card back! I got ready and he picked me up around 2pm, we were going to swing by that place to grab my card but we figured it might not be open yet and we should do it on the way back. Got up to Jared's party, his whole family and some friends were there, Aunt Val made a rediculous amount of food which we just could not stop eating, and they had a keg. Hung out and played some ping pong, followed by a long ass game of beer pong, then they busted out these Cuban cigars which we all smoked and took stupid pictures of ourselves. Later on, we started playing flip cup for what seemed like (and probably was) hours. It was hilarious, because our team consisted of Jared, Jeff and I, and we kept winning over and over again, and we were being all beligerant about it, talking about the dynasty and what not, and then, because Jared was eating a piece of the pork roast and was saying it was the pork, the other team lost again and they all walked right over to the food and piled up plates of pork roast and sausage, came back and won a game. So it became the whole "its the food!" thing and every time a team lost them or us would run over and grab a hunk of pork or something, haha! So after the other team losing for awhile and us being all dramatic about our wins, they switched out a player and got "The Armenian" (who they called that because he was, uh.. Armenian..heh) and he was being all cocky but then after they got him, they started winning a whole bunch in a row and then rubbing it in our faces and getting all beligerant. So then we started blaming our losses on the fact that the spillage from their side was leaking down to our side and building up, making it harder for us to flip the cups (which it was), so we got a bunch of napkins and after wiping our side of the table, we squeezed the damp napkins together to form a blockade in the middle of the table so that their spillage wouldn't come over to our side. The whole thing was so dramatic and funny, like the WWF of flip cup or something, I swear we could have made a tv show out of it. Anyway, with the whole spillage thing and us putting more and more napkins formed like a barrier across the middle, and all of the exaggerated dramatic seriousness of the game, our team ended up being "Team FEMA" and they were "Team Katrina", and we started winning more and totally being dramatic and beligerant about it every time we won, funniest shit ever, heh. We ended up hanging out until about 4am or so, then crashed out, woke up around 9am and drove back to DC. I felt like hell, it seemed more because of how much I had eaten rather than how much I drank, ugh.. Drove by the lounge to try and get my card back, but they weren't open for another couple of hours so I'll have to try and get out there tomorrow. Got home and slept most of the day, still feel very blah, but I had such a fun weekend though.

AND the best news of the weekend:

We finally got a bass player! :)
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