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Go Kart Racing/Band Rehersal

Woke up yesterday morning and went to work, it was a half day though because we went on a company outing... GO KART RACING! :)
It was awesome. Got to the place around 2pm and it wasn't one of those cheap kiddie deals, it was this big indoor track with karts that did like 30-40mph! We drank a bunch of Red Bulls, got our team assignments, put on the racing suits, gloves and helmets and did a 120 lap endurance race. My teammate was Chad, the company DBA. We raced around and pulled into the pit every 15 laps to switch drivers. The track was concrete and a little slick so you could slam on the gas around turns and skid around, and you really hauled ass, too. All those years of playing Super Mario Kart really paid off yesterday. Chad and I came in 2nd place and we got a cool little trophy, haha.. After the race, we all went to Eric's house and had some beers, then I went back to DC, got my stuff and went to band practice. It was funny because I was already a little buzzed and when I showed up, Mike raised up his bag and said, "I brought goodies!", which turned out to be a 12 pack, haha, like I really needed to drink anymore... So we practiced for about 3 hours, it was great, we practiced 2 new songs in addition to the 4 that we did last time, plus we busted out a few old Metallica and Pantera songs out of the blue every once in awhile. It was so much fun.

I didn't even have to use my AK. Yesterday was a good day.
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