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Party Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun, didn't have any plans for Friday night but then my Cousin invited me to a party, so I jumped on the metro and met him and his girl up in Maryland. Went to this party at Kristen's place which was awesome, she lives right above a bar, haha! We played spoons and power quarters and watched some other people play ass quarters which was pretty amusing.. Hung out on the roof drinking beers and talking the last half of the night, then we went back to Jen's place and crashed out. Woke up the next morning to Brian yelling "French Toast" and so we decided to make breakfast, which actually consisted of everything BUT french toast, heh.. Cooked up some bacon, turkey sausage (which neither Brian or I had ever tried and I can say for sure I will never eat again, thank you), I made three of my omelet rolls (onion, ketchup and mayo, maple) and i think we had toast too. While Brian was cooking the bacon, I looked over at a bottle of Jack Daniels on the counter and said, "Hey, you should put some of that in there". He looked at it, then at me, shrugged, and proceeded to dump some Jack into the frying pan with the bacon. The result? The BEST morning-after-party breakfast item EVER! JD Bacon!! It was really awesome, heh.. So we ate, then Brian gave me a ride home a little later.
On Saturday night, Debz came over for "Natty Light Night" and we talked and played Pass-Out until I have no idea what time in the morning. Kathy was supposed to come over and join us after work, but she ended up going out to the bar instead. At the end of the night, Debz got the most Pink Elephant cards this time, so she won, then we passed out, heh.
Yesterday, I cooked up an awesome Rib-eye with onion-garlic-red wine sauce, bacon-sour cream mashed potato stuffed crossaints, and dill corn. So tasty! :)
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I don't know if you got my message before. If not, Brandy is dead. I had to put her down last Tuesday. Other than that, I miss you and would love to talk to you!
i did get your message, im so sad!! :( i miss brand-E... im so sorry amy :( poor thing, at least shes not suffering anymore. :(
i ran out of mins on my phone, it should be back on tomorrow or the next day but ill call you as soon as its back on. i miss you too! talk to ya soon