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It's been awhile since I've posted here, so instead of writing about things that have happened since my last post, I'll just post this deal I saw on bitchybunny's lj and start keeping up with my journal from now on. :)

SO, heres the gig:

Step 1. Put your playlist on random.

Step 2. Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.

Step 3. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly. NO GOOGLING.

And onto the random playlist:

1. "I always hit the tape with a rough road style, you heard the psychedelic and you came from miles."

2. "A misty night, a perfect night, beneath the cold of the frozen star."

3. "Free of their god, intelligence won, go with your instinct to live as you want."

4. "Mix it up with the big Y.O., comin from the Laf Isle with fat funk flow."

5. "I had some problems, and noone could seem to solve them."

6. "I am a duplication innocently, I was conceived so violently."

7. "Living in fear in the ditches at the front, fighting for my life never knowing whats to come ."

8. "You want me to kiss your ass, well bend over buddy here comes my foot."

9. "I'd give my flesh for yours, I'll sacrifice everything."

10. "Se que tu no queires, que yo a ti te quiera, siempre tu me esquivas de alguna manera."

11. "Hello, it's me, I've thought about us for a long, long time."

12. "It seems more and more the future's filled with uncertainty, we seem to find ourselves living in an age of anxiety."

13. "Refusing what you are given, you want things to be the old way."

14. "Slut, shut the fuck up and get off my dick."

15. "A thousand thundering thrills await me, facing insurmountable odds greatfully."

16. "Honey check it out, you got me mesmerized with your black hair and your fat ass thighs."

17. "Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain that gently touches my soul."

18. "Whisper my darling, I didn't have the time to say goodbye to you."

19. "Well fuck you up its so really sad, the job we do is really bad."

20. "Rip them down, hold me up, tell them that, I'm your gun, pull my trigger I am bigger than."

21. "Tonight my heart is filled with a sad song, my lonesome lover has taken off."

22. "My nutsack is bald like Kojak, bitches say my ding-dong tastes like a Big Mac."

23. "I saw the best minds of my generation running on empty, superglued to the tv, dreaming of prosperity, talking incessantly."

24. "You watch their faces, you'll see the traces of the things they want to be but only we can see."

25. "Why can't you see you torture me, you're already thinking about someone else."

BONUS: "Shes a plastic girl in a plastic world, yeah but that's alright with me."

If anyone guesses the bonus lyric, I'll hook you up with all 25 mp3's...if you want any of them... :)

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