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Emeril Live! (Episode 917)

Yesterday was such an awesome day! Took the morning train up to NY and met Ann at the station, then we hauled ass down to Chelsea Market to meet up with Puck who had VIP tickets to Emeril Live courtesy of Laura! My train was delayed for 20 mins, so we were running a little late, met up with Puck outside and then ran through Cheslea Market like we were running from the cops to get to the studio which Ann's shoes didn't quite agree with, haha.. Got there just in time and hung out in the waiting area until they brought us onto the set. After being seated in the general audience section while they worked out the seating, they brought the three of us to one of the tables right up in front of the counter while everything was being set up. They had free cookbooks for us on the table which include the recipes for everything they were going to make on the show. After explaining to the audience about what was going to happen during the show and all, the show finally started, and the band and Emeril came out. There was a guest on the show, Chef Jasper White, who runs a group of seafood restaurants in New England, and after watching a video about his Summer Shack restaurants, they went to commercial break. When they started filming again, Emeril introduced the other chef and he came out and they made Bloody Marys, then during the next commercial break, they gave us glasses of wine, which rocked. Puck got the red and Ann and I got the white (which I said afterwards I should have gotten the red cause they gave you more, haha!) and the wine was the best white wine I've ever tasted, awesome stuff! When they came back they made clams and oysters with garlic butter and lemon butter and during the next break they gave us sample plates of, and I mean I'm not that big of a clam person, but this was REALLY good shit. (Obviously, DUH, it's friggen Emeril, heh...) During the rest of the show, they made fish and chips, as well as pan fried fish with a red sauce. I was drooling the whole time, it smelled so good in there! After the show, Emeril talked to the audience for a bit and then we went upstairs to get Laura (who hooked us up with some awesome Food Network shwag! Thanks again!!) then we hit up the bar and had dinner and drinks. Dregan and Melissa came after a bit and as always, Dregan was quite entertaining to say the least, heh.. We all had a really great time and afterwards, Laura, Puck and I went back to Brooklyn where Puck and I had a few drinks at the bar near him, then hung out on his roof until all-hours.
Had such a great time, (thanks again Laura and Puck!) and it should be interesting to watch the episode when it airs, although I'm not sure when that's going to be, maybe months from now, who knows. Until then, I'm totally going to be cooking the shit outta some seafood, thanks to the awesome cookbook they gave us!
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