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New Year In Vegas

I've never been to Vegas before, but I'm definately going again soon! It's like Disney World for adults! Wheeler picked me up around 6am Sunday morning and we went to his parents place to drop off his car, then his Mom took us up to the airport. Checked in and got some breakfast, Wheeler ate a big ass burrito for breakfast, which was probably not his smartest move ever, heh.. Just glad I wasn't sitting next to him on the flight out! We took off around 9am and got to Vegas around 11am local time. Met up with Cahill, who's flight got in about 10 minutes after ours did. Took a cab to the MGM and checked in, then proceded to walk around the MGM which was completely awesome, had lunch at Emeril's where I had an incredible steak and lobster mashed potatoes. (Hey, it's Vegas, I had to go all out, haha!) We had a few drinks there, then went and picked up the tickets to see Van Halen that night. Cahill went to go gamble and Wheeler and I walked around some more and as we were walking past this one club, I saw a sign that said KRSONE was going to be performing that night! So I went and got us on the guest list and then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to see if one of Wheeler's friends was working up there. He wasn't there, so we walked around a bit and I decided to throw $5 in a slot machine and promptly won $175! We left the Hard Rock and went back to the MGM, hit up a few of the bars and had some drinks, ended up at this one place where they served Jello shots where I was reminded of my dislike for them, heh.. Went to New York, New York and walked around for awhile, hung out at a bar where they had dueling pianos which was a lot of fun. Because of the time change and all we had done all day, it felt like it was pretty late at night, but when we looked at the time, it was only like 6pm! Met up with Cahill for a bit, then around 8pm, we went to the MGM Arena and Stephen Marley came on. Was a great show! Afterwards, we went and got some more beers, then went back to our seats and Van Halen came on. I really wasn't expecting too much, but it was a phenomenal show!! Roth's voice was on point and they played all of my favorite songs, most of which were from the first album which they played every song off of except for one. After the show, Wheeler and I went to Tabu and waited in line for the KRSONE show, but they were barely letting anyone in, so we ended up having to bribe the guy at the door to let us in, heh.. There werent many people there cause of that, so it was a pretty intimate show, he came on and did all his old shit which was amazing, did some newer shit, freestyled for awhile, we were all like 2 feet away from him and he was telling everyone to get their cameras out, so I got some great video of him freestyling up close which was awesome. Amazing show! Afterwards, he invited MCs from the crowd to come up and spit which a few did, then announced the Rock Steady Crew and everyone came out on the floor and they had a competition which was amazing. We hung out there for another hour or two, then took off and hit up another bar, had a few more drinks, met up with Cahill who was balls deep in blackjack, heh.. I took off and hit up one of the slot machines and won $100! By this point it was around 5am, and I was exhausted, so went back to the hotel room and crashed out.
Woke up around 11am, took showers, then Steve showed up, he flew in from Utah that morning, got in around noon, and him, Wheeler and I went down to the Excalibur and ate at the buffet. After stuffing our faces, we hung out at the Lexor for a bit, then walked down to the Bellagio, walked around there for a bit, then went to Caesar's Palace and hung out at one of the lounges there and had some drinks. Left there, went to Bally's and played some slots, Steve won $125, Wheeler won $300, and I won $175! Went back to the MGM, where we got changed, and I donned my velvet olive button-down, my cheetah-print pimp hat, and my dozen gold dollar sign laden beads. (I have no clue. I think I was drunk by this time?) We went and had some drinks at one of the bars, then Cahill showed up. After awhile, we went and played some more slots, I played a game of roulette, then joined Cahill for some blackjack which was fun. We spent awhile drinking and watching Cahill play craps and blackjack. Went down to the Rio because one of their friends was supposed to be opening up his bar that night, but something happened and he couldn't open, so we went to leave there but the cab line was way too long, so we started walking toward the parking lot to see if there were any cabs on the other side of the street when a Hummer rolled up and the back window rolled down and the guy inside offered us a ride to the Palms, haha! So we went to the Palms, the guy had the driver drop us off, and we hung out at Nine and had drinks. We stayed there until the stroke of midnight, Steve and I met a group of people and talked to them for awhile, they were buying us shots and giving us some of their wine which was cool. Steve and I were deciding what to do next when these two girls came up to us and one of them told me she liked my outfit and we all started talking. Turns out they were from DC, although one of them lived in Vegas now. We talked about bars in DC and I mentioned I hung out at the 4th Estate a lot, and it turns out they know Brent and Jen! Then I asked if they knew Wheeler and Cahill and the one girl started telling me how she always used to throw Cahill out of the bar she worked at, etc. So I went over to the table that Wheeler was at on the other side of the place and grabbed him and when he walked up, they freaked out and hugged each other, then Cahill showed up and everyone was laughing at what a small world it is. I mean, what are the chances?? We all hung out there for a while longer, then we took off wandering around the Palms, and ended up losing Steve someplace along the way, turns out he ended up somehow at a party in someones room there or something, then about an hour later realized we werent there with him, haha! Wheeler, Cahill and I decided to go back to the MGM, but again, the line for the cabs was too long, so we walked across the street and some woman and a guy asked us if we needed a ride, so Cahill said hed throw them some cash if they took us to the MGM, so we all piled in their backseat and they dropped us off at the MGM, heh.. Had some more drinks there, then walked around for awhile, played some slots and lost Wheeler and Cahill, so I went over to New York, New York, walked around for a bit, then had a tuna salad sandwich at a diner there. Went back to the room and crashed out, it was probably close to 6am or so, which sucked cause we had to get up in a few hours for our flight home.
Woke up around 10ish, took showers, said bye to Steve, whos flight was a few hours after ours, then went to the airport and flew home. Got back around 8pm local time, went home, got my stuff ready for work the next day and CRASHED OUT. What an amazing time. Definately going back this year, Vegas is awesome!
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